Bill Holloway's Racing Photos
This picture was taken at Dayton Speedway, in the early forties. This was Bill's brother Charles's roaring roadster that they scratch built. It had a 6cyl. Flat L head Ford engine with two Winfield carbs. This car was eventually changed over to a super modified with a roll cage and hard top. Picture of that to follow later. Pictured is Driver Jim Leach along with Bill Holloway and Charles Holloway. Bill would later take over this ride.

                         05/23/1952 Feature winner at Armscamp, this is a 37 Ford Coupe

1951 Feature winner at Armscamp, this is a 39 Ford Coupe owned by Carl Marks Muncie, IN

1951 Trophy Dash winner at Armscamp
1951 Feature winner at Armscamp, Bill had a lot of wins in this car at this track.
"The Blue Deuce" 04/21/1957 this picture was taken on Easter Sunday at Eldora. This is a 34 Ford Coupe five window.
Feature winner at the Shady Bowl Speedway, Degraff, OH. Bill won the track Championship in this car that year. The two guys pictured with him were the track owners. Bill never was paid for that championship because one of the owners died and everything was tied up in court. Bill never pursued this because the widow was so torn up over her husbands death that he decided to take the trophy and go on.

Charles Holloway's Roadster
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Charles Holloway had several top drivers in his cars. This is Mickey Potter on 9/03/1948
in the Holloway #4
Special thanks to Dale Fairfax for this great picture
This is Muncie, Indiana's Tom Cherry in Charles roadster in 1952
Special thanks to Dale Fairfax for this great picture
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